Friday, October 23, 2009

John Key; a conservative politician ~Sort of!

I am a liberal. I mean a real liberal. That means I do not have a problem with venture capital, conglomerates and the free movement of the workforce and the capital internationally. Also, as a good liberal, I believe that people should have some right that has to be given by the government. And this do not clash with the liberal view, if you think so, go and read your Adam Smith books (Liberalism 101).

John Key is a conservative. He is the Prime Minister of New Zeland. Being a real (yes this is important) liberal, I despise Geert Wilders (you defame Israel, Gertie Boy!) , McCain, Recep Tayyip Erdogan or Putain... Oops, sorry Putin. My mistake.
John Key is a conservative. But he shows us what conservatism means in different regions and cultures. It is completely different than what we used to in Europe.

Some of his views are:

  • Gay couples can adopt children, no problem with that.
  • Global warming is a phonemenon that New Zeland should take some measures for.
  • His mother is Jewish, so technically he is Jewish. But he takes it in a more relaxed way. He does not believe in the afterlife. Come on, I smell at least an agnostic?
  • He wants to reduce the greenhouse emissions of New Zealand up to 50% in the next 50 years. (Do they have any, compared to other European countries??)
  • He is a pro-republic politician. (bye-bye queen~!)
  • He wanted to raise the legal drinking age from 18 to 20. Well, that sucks.

Anyhow, in Europe John Key could be a liberal or center left. But in the Down Under (yeah, all AU and NZ) he is a conservative.

Geert, do you hear me? Hello... Hello??


rehber said...

i honestly think, John Key is an expression of real "new world" ( at least on an assumption scale:)

I've been reading and hearing so much about the "unique" common sense of the people of Australia and New Zealand. Social capitalism, Civil rights. Even the rehabilitation of previously convicteds. Not to mention environmental sensitivity.

Ibn-i batuta said...

Indeed, actually "Down Under" is a very good case which proves that capitalism really "works" with the right control mechanisms.

Still poor if compared to continental Europe, but hey, what is money for? Lifestyle which you already have it there:)

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