Friday, October 9, 2009

Deja vu?

Today I read a news article about a ban against building minarets in Switzerland. Being a person who does hate about every oppressive aspects of organized religion, I still despise such an event. I really, I mean really can not understand a government which can put a ban on the construction of any building, even not mentioning a temple.

I personally despise Islam compared to other organized religions because of its positioning of women, freedom of thought and organization of daily life. Still, sorry Swiss boys, this is pure fascism. If you behave like that, you are not different than the fundamentalists.

These things happened in 1930'ties. I smell Deja vu and Zyklon-B.


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about Islam ? or what people are claiming to be Islam ?

Can you enlighten us about the oppressive views of Islam regarding women ?

M. Mohamed

Ibn-i batuta said...

Yeah Yeah, Islam is just like communism, right?

It is perfect in essence but always the practices are off the limits. Boy, stop the tevakkul and think.

I have a very good reference book about the oppressive views of Islam.

It is called Qu'ran. It is quite popular and I hope you got one?

rehber said...

I think The Swiss Goverment has a fair reason to ban any part of an Islamic activity. Is Quran a better book then "Mein Kampf"? Isn't islam a bigoted, primitive ideology, and a big threat to the human civilization?

Quran indicates commiting murder, acting violently to women and constant slavery(kul). We should be glad that, some part of the World could see these facts and took measures.

elif said...

..And there is far less violence in the Bible than in the Qu'ran?

Do crusades, inquisition, slavery, church members participating in genocides, attacking/bombing abortion clinics, child abuse by priests, hate speech against non-christians ring any bells!! There is also plenty text one can quote from the Bible and argue it preaches war, killing of enemies, polygamy, slavery, gender inequality, veiling women and so on.. What did Pope Urban II quote when he preached the First Cruase or how did Americans defend slavery?

I don't believe in Islam or Christianity but if you are going to ban Islam you should ban Christianity too..

rehber said...

well, as you may have not noticed, we live in the present. If you are to dig into history, you will find lots of facts against my opinion. But today, non-islamic World is civil, modern and advanced on several fields while the muslim nations still debate basic human rights.

Muslims are not capable of living in peace and harmony. Muslims are not evoluted to learn from their mistakes. Nevertheless they are too stubborn and bloodthisty that they want to widen their primitive, catastrophic culture(!).

precious said...

o diil de, 1930`ties biraz yamuk olmamis mi?

Ibn-i batuta said...

Cok yamuk yillardi zaten:) Koyden seni sordular, nerde dediler. Dedim o $ehre geri indi.

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