Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oldest Writing in New World

Apparently the stone tablet you can see on the left is the oldest writing in the New World. Scientists could not tell what is written on it yet but still very fascinated. The fascination is coming from the possible origin of the people who had written the tablet. According to scientists, they might be the mighty Olmecs!

Olmecs are an ancient people who ruled in New World between 1500BCE-400BCE. The tables is thought to be created around 900BCE.

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Curadmir and Babur

In the old Irish Language, "Curadmir" means the "champion's portion". Warriors who have shown extraordinary examples of bravery would have the right to have the best part of the meat in any feast.

Actually, the same tradition exists in the Mughal Empire. Here is a excerpt from Baburnama:
"That day, Qasim Beg Quichin, the Lord of my Gate, outstripped the rest of the enemy and entered the fray with his sword. Sultan Ahmad Tambal Mughal, and Muhammad Dost Taghai got in also. But Qasim Beg Quchin won the champion's portion."*

It looks like the rules of getting the champion's portion were better defined in the Mughal Empire. A warrior should first decide upon a target, outdistance his tribe and get the target with his sword.

North American Natives (touching the enemy in a fight) and Ottomans ('serdengecti's and 'dalkilic's) had their own merits for brave warriors too.

*Baburnama, translation by Annette Susannah Beveridge, Penguin Classics
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