Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Very Long Weekend [2]: Bemmel, Groesbeek and the Rainbow Road

Well, let me tell you before I start: This post consists of more photos than text. Actually I should have written this post two weeks ago.

First, I was really busy.

Then, I was too lazy as the spring sun called me away from the PC.

And now, I barely remember what I was going to write! (Baaad Diadra...)

As I promised to Ibn-i Batuta, I'll tell you a little about Bemmel and Groesbeek, and add a couple of photos.

We have been to Bemmel, a beautiful and tiny town in the Netherlands, twice.

The first time, we fell in love with the town and its people.

The second time, we went there to take some photos. But as we were admiring the place so much, we forgot to take photos except our meals.

We also went to Groesbeek. Another beautiful town in the Netherlands reminding of paradise.

Yet, unfortunately, I cannot say the same things for their people. They were just the opposite kind of people I have met in other places of the Netherlands. Just extremely rude, weird people.

The fun part was to go back home as the weather spared some very nice surprises that caused us to smile a whole week afterwards.

We went through a forest like giant park on the way back home.

We cycled under a rain shower but it was so pleasant...
(In order to see the rain drops, click on the picture to enlarge.)

We were so tired that we had a little rest in a large park. We were cold but that was OK, as we couldn't stop ourselves from smiling.

A path between Nijmegen and Groesbeek. Apparently -as we have guessed from the road signs-, this path was ideal for horse riding.
You can see the award the weather has given us for appreciating its showers, as well. (:
Ah, it was a day in heaven...
P.S. If you are really careful, you can notice the second rainbow in the picture. (;

(You can click on the pictures to enlarge.)


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