Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Very Long Weekend [1]: Kleve Tiergarten - A Tribute to Madagascar

Hey there! After a short break, here I am.

I was planning to write about some scientific stuff such as the relation between volcanic eruptions and global temperature. I also had some other things in mind, but as we are having a beautiful holiday, I'll try to share some stuff with you.

30th April was the "Koninginnedag" in the Netherlands, that is the Queen's Day (Queen Beatrix's Birthday). Previously, we had planned to attend the traditional party, but instead we went to Kleve, a German city near the Netherlands - Germany border.

I'd like to tell you more about this city but there is nothing much except a small zoo. Oops, and a building still keeping its Swastikas. Obviously, someone forgot to remove that demonic signs as this sign is forbidden in Germany. That was a surprise for us... (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Let me tell you about the zoo. One of the zookeepers told us that there were 600 animals in the Kleve Tiergarten. As we wandered around in the zoo, we observed that probably 80% of the animals consisted of sheep, goats, sheep, and well...goats... Other than these sheep and goats -and boars- there were some wild birds, foxes, seals, porcupines etc...

I think you have noticed the title: "A Tribute to Madagascar." Here's the story: When we were looking at some cute baby goats, we noticed some sheep eating grass just next to us. Then, we noticed that the sheep, one by one, were leaving their "area" and running freely within the zoo. You can see their escaping point in the picture (left) circled with red.

After their funny escape, they kept running and pasturing for a while.

Here are some other photos from the Kleve Tiergarten:


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