Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Oldest Melody In History?

Well, it seems the 3400 years old music played below is the oldest melody of the history according to Klezfiddle1, a YouTube user.

The Hurrian Hymn, which has been preserved for 3400 years on a clay tablet, was discovered in mid 20th century. The Hurrians, to whom the Hittites owed the weaving of their social fabric, dwelled in the northern Mesopotamia. And the clay reserving this melody was found in Ugarit, an ancient port city.

There will be more about ancient melodies and tablets in the next post. But first...

Let's listen to the melody!

As a subscriber of Klezfiddle1, I can say that besides being a really creative musician, he is also very talented and extremely good in handcrafts. He gets beyond his knowledge of history by making replicas of ancient lyres. For example, the lyre he is playing in the video is a replica based on a contemporary illustration of the Kinnor on the back of an ancient Jewish coin (on the right).

For more information on this hymn, please visit the video page. And for other projects of Klezfiddle1, please visit his user page in YouTube.


Anonymous said...

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Diadra said...

Cok tesekkur ederiz. (:

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