Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Loving Ottomans

As Ibn-i batuta mentioned Turkish language in Arabic alphabet -known as the Ottoman language- I think it's time to show you this piece. The page shown above is from a book published in Paris and London, in 1842: "The Turkish Interpreter or a New Grammar of the Turkish Language".

This book is another proof of the fact there has never been a language such as "Ottoman language". It's the good old Turkish we know, only with Arabic alphabet.

The first column is the original Turkish words written by Arabic alphabet. The second column is the same words in Latin letters. And the third column is the English translation.

The book is full of entertaining dialogs and examples. You can find it in Google books. (Respect, Google!)

The image cannot be enlarged here, so you can check it out from here or by clicking on the title of this post.


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