Monday, February 18, 2008

Hand to nose?

I know that hand to nose is some kinda weirdo name for a blog. But it has a good background tale folks. So gather around the fire and grab your coffee cups!

In the ancient times, the first real civilization was emerging in the Middle East.They were called "Sumeru" by Akkadians. So that's why we call these Indo-European people Sumerian. They were calling themselves "SAG-GIGA" which basically means "the black-headed people". Also they are the same people who are called as "Shinar" in the Hebrew Bible.

So what is it to do about "hand to nose"? Here it comes:
Sumerians were greeting each other with moving their hands to their noses. This way of greeting is the first recorded greeting in the human history.
So thats why we greet you with the oldest greeting!
"Silim-ma he2-me-en"!


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